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"When Glodean speaks, she inspires people to want to become better versions of themselves and lean into love."

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Motivation, inspiration, and laughter! That's what you can expect when I'm speaking to a crowd of enthusiastic listeners or reading from my debut novel, Salmon Croquettes. Believe it or not, I was once a part-time comedian, so being on stage comes naturally to me. It's how I'm able to connect with my audience and be both authentic and vulnerable, at the same time.


Whether I'm talking about leadership, the importance of effective communication, or racial inequality, you're guaranteed a good time while you learn and grow! In fact, I even have the uncanny ability to talk about process improvement and Lean Six Sigma methodologies without boring you to death. And, in this COVID-19 era, I'm able to make that same connection with you virtually as I would in person...well, almost the same.




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