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What People Say About Working with Glodean

Glodean’s coaching and guidance came to me at a crucial time in my professional career. She helped me navigate through significant complexity coupled with emotional distress and helped me come out stronger on the other side.  I will forever be thankful for Glodean coming into my life when she did and being the guide and independent voice I needed to thrive through adversity.

- Jeanine, VP, Enterprise Transformation Office

In the short time I was able to work with Glodean, she helped me take a step back and look at the big picture. She provided practical insights in order to help me move forward and I’m so appreciative for her guidance. 

- Natalie, Senior Manager, Talent Management & Development

One of Glodean’s best qualities is her ability to immediately connect with people and make them feel comfortable. Whether it is on the phone, via email or if you are lucky enough to meet her face to face. Her compassion for all people oozes from her soul.

- Lisa, Director, People and Culture

Given my profession, I have had numerous discussions around different people, why they act as they do, why they did what they did. EVERY SINGLE TIME, Glodean would explain to me possibly where that person was coming from, perhaps what their journey has been, or maybe something more in depth about characteristics. I am always saying, wow, I never thought of it like that, or, that makes complete sense. She is amazing at guiding you not to judge people, but to try and understand people so we can bridge those differences.

- Antoinia, Head of Diversity and Inclusion

Working with Glodean has been an invaluable experience! Her coaching style allowed me to gain confidence, and stretch my abilities. I have a new mindset around leadership, team resources, and managing up! 

- Nicole, Director, Influencer Partnerships

I recently had the good fortune of hearing Glodean speak on the topic of Love, Diversity & Inclusion and she was unbelievable! She has a unique way of approaching difficult topics and leaves the audience feeling both at ease and ready to make the world a better place. Glodean is amazing! Period! End of story! If you have the good fortune of working with Glodean, take it! She is fabulous!

- Tim D., COO/Founder

Glodean Champion is a positive force in the world. She’s been incredibly honest and has also made sure I know that she is a safe harbor for me to ask the questions I want to ask. Glodean has helped me be more honest, more aware, and more real in my quest to form similar connections to people as people, not as races or genders or other stereotypes.

- Jodee, Director, People Talent & Experience

Glodean is a truly exceptional professional who has developed a unique skill set that would benefit nearly every modern organization. She applies her vast toolbox of leadership, technology, interpersonal, process, and common sense to size up an organization and course-correct in a high-energy and no-nonsense manner that resonates with all levels and delivers measurable results. She personifies the impact player. I have told her numerous times that every company needs what she brings but must have the courage to look in the mirror. 

- Tim, Chief Financial Officer

Glodean conducted Kaizen events at ZAG. Glodean was inspirational. She brought the team together an did an outstanding job in facilitating the team to improve our processes. As a result of these activities, I’m a strong believer in the Kaizen process. Thank you Glodean for your work on this with us. It made us better. #continuousimprovement

- Greg, CEO

Glodean has an infectious personality and attitude that makes her a pleasure to have around anywhere. I am grateful to have worked with Glodean for a few years on some extremely challenging IT projects around the country. Her ability to handle multiple projects allowed her to demonstrate her motivation, incredible work ethic, and dedication to success. I’ve enjoyed crossing paths with Glodean and I encourage others to challenge themselves towards continuous improvement with Glodean’s exceptional expertise in coaching and her ability to build accountable cultures. 

- Scott G, VP, Information Technololgy

Glodean did an amazing job leading our Strategic Offsite event. She helped us build a foundation for effective communication and accountability coming from a place of love. Her follow up to the event ensured that we embedded the principles into our daily routines. As a result, we have improved communications between team members, better accountability and a framework for effective meetings and emails. I strongly recommend Glodean for Effective Leadership and Communication training!

- Scott L., CEO

I recently attended a Compression Planning Session led by Glodean for the Inland Empire / Desert Regional Consortium (IE/DRC) Regional Job Developers and I was amazed by her level of professionalism and knowledge. Glodean's ability to facilitate the training session with multiple people and personalities was impressive. Her witty sense of humor and outgoing personality really made the day enjoyable as the Job Developers worked hard on setting their regional goals and outlining their plans for future events and activities.

- Jennie, Director, K-12 Partnerships

I would definitely recommend Glodean to anyone looking for someone with a wide range of skills and abilities. From motivational speaking to group facilitation training Glodean can do it all!!

- Robert, CEO

Glodean Champion came highly recommended due to her expertise in systems improvement processes and compression planning. Our regional group needed to move in the right direction, and expend grant money effectively and efficiently and with Glodean's expertise, have a plan and path. Glodean's high energy and extensive knowledge in understanding the Failure Modes, Effects, and Analysis (FEMA) and SIPOC processes, allowed our regional group to move in a direction we never thought possible.

- Carrie, Job Developer/Placement Coordinator

Glodean's patience and understanding of our groups need allowed us to get to the heart of the matter and recognize the strength we have in creating our standardized processes. I highly recommend Glodean Champion for your next compression planning. or process improvement initiative Her energy is contagious, her knowledge is exceptional, and she will make you work to understand where you and your processes may need improvement.

- Patrick, Executive Director

During her time at ZAG Technical Services, Glodean became a mentor to me. When I expressed my interest in process improvement, she pushed to have me work on many of the company’s process improvement projects with her, including co-facilitating a Kaizen event to improve the project lifecycle. Glodean was able to see great abilities within me, more than I could see in myself, and helped bring them out. She taught me that if I believe in something, do it. And if it doesn’t work out, it’s always better to ask for forgiveness.

- Aimee, Creative Project Manager

Glodean's intellectual strengths are complemented by her demonstrated leadership skills and infectious personality, she would be a great asset to any organization. 

- George, Program Manager

I was lucky enough to work directly with Glodean and learn from her on various topics. She has helped me grow as a professional and Project Manager. Apart from her business and professional acumen, her strong personality and friendly demeanor made her an absolute delight to work with. Anyone would be lucky to have Glodean on their team.

- Einar, Program Manager

Glodean's profound knowledge of Project Management and Process Improvement make her a highly valuable resource to the company. She uses her vast knowledge and experience to provide insightful recommendations, as well as launch and lead impactful business initiatives.

- Kirk,, Chief Information Officer

I highly recommend Glodean and our work together on projects for Enterprise Recovery Services (ERS). She has a unique set of skills that lend themselves naturally to change management and process improvement work. We led several successful efforts; lean work in a back-end collections process, as well as risk assessment & process-mapping in a compliance process. She is tough, able to understand complex business and political realities quickly and is aggressively curious. Glodean is also coachable, a relationship-builder and is a disciplined servant leader.

- Pete, VP, Continuous Improvement

Glodean is truly an exceptional servant leader. She supported, coached and guided our team through a highly successful Kaizen event. Her professionalism and ability to visualize the end result and keep the team on track and focused. Her ability to cultivate and maintain excellent working relationships is admirable and appreciated by all who know her. It has been a great pleasure to work with Glodean.

- Jennifer, Client Relations Representative

I had the pleasure of working with Glodean on a series of projects during our time together at Enterprise Recovery Systems. Her skills as a technical writer and in facilitating our process optimization/change management project were vital in the growth and maturity of our company. What was most impressive is the enthusiasm and leadership she demonstrated while working with staff and developing their skill sets. I would highly recommend Glodean.

- Scott N., CEO

Glodean has a set of skills that makes her an asset to any company she works with. She was an absolute pleasure to work. Her ability to handle multiple tasks while taking on additional responsibilities quickly got the clients attention and after a short period of time she was hired on full time and promoted to a managerial position. Glodean is a strong, educated individual that will add value to any position she pursues.

- Elizabeth, Executive Recruiter

I have had the pleasure of working with Glodean on several projects during her time consulting with our organization. Her skill set and enthusiasm led us to success each and every time. She is straight forward, hardworking, and incredibly creative. She was one of the few heads that led the positive cultural change within the organization. Any organization would be incredibly fortunate to have her on their team!

- Jessica, Corporate Compliance Analyst

I had the absolute pleasure working with Glodean as she led a Kaizen Event for one of the most broken, complex, and frustrating process in the organization. I hated my job before she was brought in to work with us and when she left, I not only liked my job a whole lot better but I also had a greater appreciation for my team members, and more respect for my leader. Glodean is a gem and anyone lucky enough to find her should keep her on for as long as they can.

- Brandon, Chief Business Development Officer

It is one thing to be able to come to the right conclusions while solving a problem by yourself, it is another thing entirely to guide a whole group of people into that same way of thinking. This is one of Glodean's many strong suits. If I had to pick one of Glodean's best traits, one that I believe is more important than her unrelenting positive attitude or uncanny ability to meet unrealistic deadlines, it would be her clarity. Glodean's clarity is an invaluable skill that any field can benefit from. - Elizabeth, Engineering Operations Support Supervisor

Glodean can express a concept in as many ways as the listener needs to hear in order to understand. Some people can become frustrated when they aren't being understood-- this is not Glodean. She simply rephrases, compares the concept to something simpler you might understand, and carries on. I wish she worked here instead of being a consultant. She was a huge asset and made a major impact on everyone lucky enough to work with her while she was here improving our broken processes (and leaders). - Stephen, Executive Director


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