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"I don't just "teach" in my workshops. I share my life and experiences to establish connections, build rapport, and open hearts so that minds can follow. The foundation for lifelong transformation."

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Glodean's high energy, extensive knowledge, and patience and understanding of the various personalities and temperaments in the room allowed our team to move in a direction we never thought possible.

Jennie, Director of Information Technology

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Business learning solutions for today’s challenging environment

I offer transformational and holistic trainings for both working professionals and leadership. My goal is to develop leaders and strong teams, and improve performance and communication for organizational success. The skills that I deliver drive efficient projects, generate best practices, align talent to your unique business needs so you can get ahead of challenges. When working with large organizations, I partner with some of the best facilitators in the business to ensure success on both sides - yours and mine.

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Glodean did an amazing job leading our Strategic Offsite event. She helped us build a foundation for effective communication and accountability coming from a place of love. Her follow up to the event ensured that we embedded the principles into our daily routines.

Scott, CEO


Meet My Partners

Years of experience has taught me that we're better when we work together. That's why I collaborate with other professionals who are at the top of their game and as committed as I am to make the world a better place. I'm honored that they want to work with me because they make me better at what I do and we learn so much from one another.


There's rarely a dull moment in my life. Whether it's the work I do, the people I meet, the books I write, the art I create, or the places I travel, there's always a lesson to be learned or inspiration to share. If you want the news hot off the presses, subscribe now! I promise not to inundate your inbox.

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