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Kaizen: Change for the Better

Everything in life is a process. Everything...think about it for a moment.

Creating a business. PROCESS. Losing weight. PROCESS. Finding a house. PROCESS. Buying a car. PROCESS. Even love, in all its aspects, is a PROCESS.

I used to think Lean Six Sigma was only good for business. But, over the past year or two, I've been practicing the methodologies in my personal life.

For instance, I never break a bad habit now without using the 5 Why's to get to the root cause of how I developed the bad habit in the first place. After all, we can't continuously improve if we don't know our pitfalls and triggers.

Recently, after feeling like I'd been going in circles in my business, I conducted a Kaizen event on it!

Kaizen, in Japanese, means "Change for the better" and, in business, a Kaizen Event is a 3-5 Day rapid improvement event where employees from different business units come together to improve a broken process.

They analyze the current state of the process, suss out the problem areas (what's not working), conduct root cause analysis, create solutions, and then build a future state process.

Well, that's what I did with my business and, long story short, it helped me understand that I had added too much to my plate (thinking I could "do it all") but I hadn't considered whether or not I really wanted to do it all. In fact, a lot of the work I was doing wasn't work that I loved or even truly enjoyed.

This led me to design a "future state" business strategy that focuses on the ONE thing I truly love (outside of keynote speaking and writing) and that's Continuous Improvement through process, people, teams, and leaders.

I love leading process improvement initiatives and have helped organizations eliminate up to 97% waste and increase revenue up to 40%.

I love teaching and guiding teams and have transformed over 60 teams to communicate and work better together.

I love coaching new and emerging leaders and have helped 90% of my clients get promoted and 100% of them commit to change, increase their self-awareness, and embrace accountability to ensure their continued growth.

Imagine a more streamlined, efficient & purpose-driven business and life. Schedule a call with me for a FREE consultation and get your #ContinuousImprovementJourney started today! ✨🚀

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