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Love moves us past our differences, biases, and belief systems and paves the way toward unity!

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For daily inspirational messages on ways to live, learn, listen, and lead with love!!!

While I love the work I do, I am very passionate about transforming the Black experience in business and education, which is what inspired me to develop the Let Love Lead Us movement. A movement born out of necessity after the brutal murder of George Floyd and the numerous and senseless murders of unarmed Black people in this country.

Let Love Lead Us is an ever-evolving plan to help move our nation from its current place of hate and hurt to healing and transformation. A plan built on a foundation of love, that teaches our history, opens pathways that allow us to listen to each other from a place of love, and then take what we’ve learned out in the world and lead by example. It's built on four pillars: LOVE. LEARN. LISTEN. LEAD

We start with LOVE because LOVE HAS to be the foundation for the New America! Love of self and love of one another. Then, we LEARN our history - the true history of America, and more specifically the history of the Black diaspora. Next, we LISTEN. We MUST come together and truly listen to one another. Have transformational conversations that bring understanding, empathy, and acceptance. Change is impossible if we’re not willing to unpack and digest our differences, biases, and belief systems and plan a path forward that creates unity and understanding. That is our goal in this Love Talk: Why Black Lives Matter workshop. We want to transform those differences, biases, and belief systems into a new experience that empowers us all!

And, finally, we LEAD! Lead by example. Lead with love. Lead with courage. Lead with respect. Lead in business. Lead in politics. Lead in policing. Lead in teaching. Lead in parenting. WE have to stop saying, “be the change you want to see,” in lip service and LIVE IT! Starting NOW!

To assist me in this meaningful work, I have partnered with a number of passionate allies who are as committed as I am to make a difference in the world.






Meet My Partners & Allies


Ian Warburg

Coach, Ryzio Institute

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Diana Barrett

Co-Founder, MasterLife, Inc.

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Beth Lefevre

Executive Director, MasterLife, Inc.

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Marti Glenn

Clinical Director, Ryzio Institute

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Ken Bruer

CEO, Ryzio Retreats

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The Workshops

Desert in Dark

This workshop is for anyone interested in unpacking their biases and unconscious beliefs when it comes to the Black experience. In partnership with the Ryzio Institute, we create a safe space for you to speak your "truth" and we do it from a place love. We invite you to be your authentic self and encourage you to release any worry of saying or doing the "wrong" thing. There is no such thing as "wrong" when you are in the process of learning how to transform (in)difference into empowerment!


NOTE: This is a customized workshop - designed to fit the demographics of your organization. Contact me for more information

Love Talk: Why Black Lives Matter
Transforming (in)Difference to Empowerment
Desert in Dark

This workshop is for anyone interested in experiencing life in a constant state of self-awareness. In partnership with Master Life, Beth Leferve and I facilitate from a place of love and create a safe space for you to speak your "truth." We walk you through the four steps of reprogramming the neuropathways to take you from "unconscious separate" to unconscious connected."  Together we illuminate the path toward making better "in the moment" non-biased choices.

NOTE: This is a customized workshop - designed to fit the demographics of your organization. Contact me for more information

Love Work: Why Black Lives Matter
Moving through Bias to Awakening




Glodean Champion is a loving force to be reckoned with! Her desire to create a positive, productive change in the world is ongoing. She not only talks the talk but also walks the walk. I have had the honor and privilege to work with Glodean personally and watch her as she chooses to move forward to inform, educate and love - even when it’s hard. 



Glodean wholeheartedly embraces whatever she sets out to do! I think that's a BIG thing, especially in the work she does. She gets focused and she's all in. And, whatever it is she makes it really great!



I was lucky enough to work directly with Glodean and learn from her on various topics. She has helped me grow as a professional and Project Manager. Apart from her business and professional acumen, her strong personality and friendly demeanor made here an absolute delight to work with. Anyone would be lucky to have Glodean on their team.