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Glodean Champion

Hi, I'm

Transformational Change Leader Committed to Your Success


I partner with organizations to implement CHANGE in a way that inspires profound breakthroughs, creates widespread adoption & ensures sustainable results.

I do it in two ways (because I'm a "teach a person how to fish" kinda gal):

1.  I train and certify Change Champions within your organization to drive change; or

2.  I consult with your organization to drive change!

Either way, I leave you with Change Champions who have the skills to successfully lead and support your teams through change - big and small! Because lasting change isn't possible until you get full buy-in from those most impacted by the change - YOUR PEOPLE!

Unleash Efficiency

Boost Productivity

Improve Customer Satisfaction

Leading Change with Love

Among the myriad strategies to manage change, leading with love stands out as a potent and transformative methodology.


Love, in a business context, does not refer to emotional attachment but to a leadership style characterized by empathy, communication, understanding, and a genuine concern for the wellbeing of others. Empathy allows leaders to tailor change initiatives in a way that considers the perspectives and needs of all stakeholders, from the front line to the corner offices. Leaders who demonstrate an understanding of the fears and challenges faced by their teams are better equipped to motivate and engage them. This approach fosters an environment where trust flourishes and resistance to change diminishes.


Leading with love, rooted in care and concern, can significantly boost morale and productivity. It also emphasizes the importance of transparent communication, which creates a culture where feedback is valued, not feared. This openness not only helps in identifying potential pitfalls early but also promotes a sense of collective ownership of both the change process and its outcomes. When people feel they are a meaningful part of something larger than themselves, their engagement levels soar, and they are more likely to contribute positively. When they feel valued and respected they are more likely to go above and beyond in their roles, driving innovation and growth. This is particularly important in times of change, when organizations are most vulnerable to losses in productivity.


While change is inevitable, the methods by which it is implemented are not. Leading change with love is not just a soft strategy but a strategic imperative that can lead to more effective and sustainable change. It is about forging a path that others want to follow, fostering a culture that supports adaptation, and nurturing a community that thrives on mutual respect and cooperation. In the turbulent waters of change, love is the beacon that guides ships safely to shore.

Companies known for their positive culture and progressive change management strategies are likely to inspire others in their industry, setting new benchmarks for how change is handled.

Are you ready to be that inspiration?

Glodean truly has a gift! Her expertise in pulling out necessary information and negotiating differing points of view was extraordinary. ALL businesses would benefit from her approach. She not only helps solve process issues but she also transforms teams and establishes trust while she's at it. And she does it with love.

Lauren, Diablo Water District

6 Benefits of Working with Me

A New Approach - Certified Change Champions

The success of your change efforts are greatly improved when you have a team of certified Change Champions who are adept at leading, supporting, and influencing the human aspect of change.

Increased Resilience & Flexibility 

Cultivate a culture of resilience and flexibility by encouraging a proactive approach to facing challenges and adapting to new circumstances. This resilience can become a competitive advantage, enabling your company to navigate market fluctuations and technological disruptions with greater ease.

Accelerated Adoption of Changes

Dedicated Change Champions help accelerate the adoption of new processes, tools, or behaviors. They lead by example, demonstrate the benefits of change, and provide support to their peers during the transition, which can often be more effective than top-down directives alone.

Improved Communication

Your Change Champions also become the conduits of information, bridging the gap between leadership and the rest of the organization. Change messages are communicated effectively and consistently and align teams toward common goals and a smooth transition process.

Data-Driven Decision Making

The targeted development of your Change Champions not only prepares individuals for future leadership roles but also helps in retaining top talent. Employees who are given opportunities to grow and take on new challenges are likely to be more satisfied and loyal to the company.

Enhanced Problem Solving Capabilities

Fostering a network of Change Champions promotes a collaborative environment that enhances problem-solving capabilities and leads to more innovative and effective solutions to challenges.

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