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Love moves us past our differences, biases, and belief systems and paves the way toward unity!

For inspirational messages on ways to live, learn, listen, and lead with love!!!

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The DEI Done Differently workshop leverages coaching, group facilitation, creativity, and well-documented research to help participants learn how to increase their awareness, take ownership of their belonging, and adapt to their environment to foster collaboration. This is done by taking "race" out of the conversation and creating a safe space where everyone feels heard, valued, and a sense of community, based on our similarities rather than our differences. In other words, we honor and embrace our uniqueness.

Lean into L.O.V.E.

Blue Colored Smoke in Alley

Safe to Ask

This coaching program is designed to provide a safe space for you to ask the race or culturally-based questions you've been afraid to ask with answers and coaching that will also help you transform your beliefs, unlearn your conditioning, and grow as an ally or leader. This exclusive program is for executives and professionals who are committed to developing successful diversity, equity, and inclusion leadership competencies, and skills.

Process Improvement

One of the best ways to increase profits and sustain revenue growth is to ensure your teams are set up for success. This can be done by ensuring they have clearly defined roles, processes, and procedures. I know, from experience, that broken and inefficient processes lead to breakdowns in communication, fractured relationships, and decreased trust between leadership and employees. And, eventually, if left unaddressed will lead to loss in revenue and customer dissatisfaction.


That's where process improvement comes in...the path to continuous improvement.


As a Six Sigma Black Belt, I use many Six Sigma tools such as Root Cause Analysis techniques like the ‘5 Whys’, Failure Modes Effects Analysis (FMEA), and Kaizen Events to get to the core of a problem. These tools, along with using the DMAIC methodology, allow me to help my clients treat the disease, rather than only the symptoms.

  • What is the project

  • As is process map

  • Scope, Deliverables, Timescales

  • Define Key Metrics

  • Collect & Validate Data

  • Define measurements of success

  • Current state analysis

  • Dependencies & Compliance

  • Develop potential solutions

  • Validate potential improvement

  • Re-evaluate potential improvement

  • Develop standards and procedures

  • Implement statistical process control

  • Verify benefits, savings & profit

Want to learn more? Schedule a 15-min consultation and let's see how we can work together to make a meaningful change in the lives of the people in your organization!

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