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What if we could see past our skin and all of our differences and listen with open hearts and minds?


A 3-Day Educational Series for Transformational Leadership


  • Increased trust & authentic relationships

  • Improved employee satisfaction that leads to higher productivity

  • Stronger team collaboration & developed leadership skills

  • Strengthened awareness & acceptance


  • Actionable tools that formal and informal leaders can add to their toolkits

  • Strategic ways to listen, learn, and lead open-mindedly with vulnerability and empathy

  • An understanding of the ways personality, background, fear and trauma affect us all


The issue of diversity, equity, and inclusion has been an unresolved issue since the Civil Rights Act of 1866. Why, after 150 years of trying, haven’t we come to a final resolution? Because diversity has become divisive and pits us against each other in a “my difference is more important than yours” kind of way. Equity implies someone must “give up” something in order for someone else to “get” something. And inclusion assumes we need permission to belong, which strips us of our power and hands it over to someone else. All of this is driven by our personalities, background, culture, prejudices, biases, fears, and trauma — and fear and trauma are driving the car.


The DEI Done Differently workshop takes "race" off the table and leverages coaching, group facilitation, creativity, and well-documented research to help participants learn how to increase their awareness, take ownership of their belonging, and adapt to their environment to foster collaboration. This is accomplished by creating a safe space where everyone feels heard and valued and establishes a sense of community, based on our similarities rather than our differences. In other words, we are steered to honor and embrace our uniqueness.

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