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Lean Six Sigma Leader . Speaker . Educator . Author .
2x TEDx Speaker

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Love listens. It's open-minded, vulnerable, and it shows empathy. No matter how uncomfortable you may be, it's easier to move through it when you allow yourself to lean into love.


What I Do

align cross-functional teams to improve productivity.

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help improve communication and motivate accountability.

transform cultures to 

engage, empower, and retain employees.


coach leaders

to support and inspire greatness in their people.

weave DEIB into

the fabric of your organization.


How I Do What I Do

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It's time to lean into

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90% of the issues we have in business and relationships stem from poor communication and the lack of accountability. Think about it for a second. That bad relationship you were in ended because someone either over or under communicated or didn't keep their word to you, right? What about the employee who you had to let go? Or the leader you walked away from?

My job, my purpose in life, is to help the people I work with lean into L.O.V.E., which stands for Listen, Open-mindedly with Vulnerability and Empathy, and make a commitment to holding themselves and others to honoring their word. Identify and solve the root cause of the problem...define an actionable solution. 







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Book Club

(for DEI Learners)

How I Can Help You

I work with my clients to identify, custom-build, and execute long-term strategies that measurably improve customer satisfaction, employee retention and engagement, and make workplace inclusion and belonging a reality for team members from every walk of life.

I bring a vast and meaningful array of expertise, lived experiences, and unique perspectives to the work that I do. I believe that there are no ‘one size fits all’ approaches to any business initiative or objective, especially when it comes to DEIB (Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Belonging) — every organization is unique with its own needs and long-term goals. I work with you to create programs that are the best FIT for you!

Who I Serve





What People Say

Glodean is a truly exceptional professional who has developed a unique skill set that would benefit nearly every modern organization. She applies her vast toolbox of leadership, technology, interpersonal, process, and common sense to size up an organization and course-correct in a high-energy and no-nonsense manner that resonates with all levels and delivers measurable results. She personifies the impact player. I have told her numerous times that every company needs what she brings but must have the courage to look in the mirror.


Tim Bussey, Chief Financial Officer

Who I've Worked With

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There's rarely a dull moment in my life. Whether it's the work I do, the people I meet, the books I write, the art I create, or the places I travel, there's always a lesson to be learned or inspiration to share. If you want the news hot off the presses, subscribe now! I promise not to inundate your inbox.

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