"The quintessential leader dares to love, is willing to learn, and courageously opens their heart and mind to listen."

Glodean applies her vast toolbox of leadership, technology, interpersonal, process, and common sense to size up an organization and course-correct in a high-energy and no-nonsense manner that resonates with all levels and delivers measurable results.

Tim Bussey, CFO

ZAG Technical Services


The L.O.V.E. Method


Module 1

Communicate Like a Champ

3-hour workshop | Onsite or Online

Eliminate the politics

  • Learn how to listen and speak from the heart with authenticity and build relationships based on trust and respect.

Stop wasting valuable time and money

  • Learn how to facilitate productive meetings that always include the "right" people, start and end on time, and have clearly defined "actionable" agendas.

Decrease confusion through clarity and brevity

  • Create short and concise emails that "cut to the chase" in six sentences or less and learn to only include those who "need" to know.


Module 3
Lead Like a Champ

4-hour workshop | Onsite or Online

Cultivate Love to build customer loyalty

  • Find your love for what you do in a way that makes your customers love it too.

Generate Energy to increase innovation

  • Learn how to become an energy generator and an enthusiastic believer in your people and their capacity to do the awesome.

Inspire Audacity to effect lasting positive change

  • Create OS!Ms for yourself and your team that change the organization and the world.

Provide Proof and transform your culture

  • Prove to others and yourself that extreme leadership works!


Module 2

Be Accountable Like a Champ

2-hour workshop | Onsite or Online

Eliminate distractions and unproductive behavior

  • Learn the importance of personal accountability and identify what may be holding you back from holding yourself and your team accountable.

Keep goals visible at all times

  • Help your employees be accountable to and responsible for each other's personal growth and development with accountability agreements and partnerships

Stop accepting the "unacceptable"

  • Create consistency and follow-through from both leadership and employees to build a culture of accountability.


Module 4

Continuously Improve Like a Champ

1 to 5 day Process Improvement Work Sessions

Improve productivity and increase revenue. Continuously Improve like a Champ uses LEAN methodologies to conduct onsite or online work sessions that:

  • Inspire teamwork and personal discipline

  • Capture your team's creativity and innovative ideas

  • Create "pride of ownership" by allowing your teams to drive continuous improvement and productivity in their processes

  • Teach LEAN methodologies to maintain consistency and quality control

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Kaizen Your Business

30-day Assessment | Survey and Interviews

Define Your Current State

  • Map out the current state of your business - how you see things (which aren't always the way they actually are)

  • Identify the waste, inefficiencies, and areas of improvement

Capture a Baseline​​ & Propose Solutions

  • Conduct surveys and interviews of leadership and support staff

  • Get a clear picture of the hidden costs of inefficiency, lack of leadership, and where you may be leaving money on the table

Build Your Future State

  • Develop a new business strategy that focuses on transforming areas of weakness / needed improvement

  • Select specific training modules of The Champion Way to support the business strategy

  • Identify teams from leadership and support staff to implement the strategy, employ accountability, ensure adoption, and ultimately effect lasting change in your organization



Chief Financial Officer

ZAG Technical Services

Glodean is a truly exceptional professional who has developed a unique skill set that would benefit nearly every modern organization. She applies her vast toolbox of leadership, technology, interpersonal, process, and common sense to size up an organization and course-correct in a high-energy and no-nonsense manner that resonates with all levels and delivers measurable results. She personifies the impact player. I have told her numerous times that every company needs what she brings but must have the courage to look in the mirror.


Chief Information Officer

Enterprise Recovery Systems

Glodean and I collaborated on a series of successful process engineering and training initiatives. Glodean consistently strived to find solutions to tough business problems, and her enthusiasm and light-hearted demeanor made tough situations more palatable. When we last worked together, Glodean was in the midst of a huge Six Sigma project. I truly believe the Six Sigma and PMP skills and certifications she has acquired since we worked together makes her an even more invaluable team member.


Director of Information Technology

Taylor Farms

Glodean has an infectious personality and attitude that makes her a pleasure to have around anywhere. I am grateful to have worked with her for a few years on some extremely challenging IT projects around the country. Her ability to handle multiple projects allowed her to demonstrate her motivation, incredible work ethic, and dedication to success. I’ve enjoyed crossing paths with Glodean and I encourage others to challenge themselves towards continuous improvement with Glodean’s exceptional expertise in coaching and her ability to build accountable cultures.