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I'm more than a coach. I'm your champion of change, rooting for you when you can't root for yourself!





People who love themselves love people. People who love themselves are beautiful. People who love themselves use their energy and resources to build up others, not tear down and destroy.

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Praying Together




As a Business and Executive Coach with over 20 years experience as a coach, Lean Six Sigma and Change Management consultant and DEI Leader/Facilitator. I'm also a keynote speaker, storyteller, and photographer. My debut novel, Salmon Croquettes, was published in March, 2021.
Throughout my career, I focused on improving business performance through individuals’ performance. I believe that removing barriers and providing targeted support helps people be – and achieve – their best. Moving into coaching was a natural progression for my career – now, I focus on helping individuals remove their own barriers.

My ultimate goal is to help my clients find their own leadership voice, increase their awareness and positive influence, and willingly hold themselves accountable. I love working with clients who are new to an organization and its culture, are newly promoted, or just want to increase their effectiveness and thrive in their role. But my best clients are those who are or want to be leaders of a diverse team and want support navigating the sticky landscape of diversity, equity and inclusion. I am open to coach people from a variety of industries, backgrounds, or walks of life. If you’re here to transform your life and you're looking for a coach that's direct and to the point, outgoing, and fun to work with while they push and challenge you. Look no further.


Glodean is a truly exceptional professional who has developed a unique skill set that would benefit nearly every modern organization. She applies her vast toolbox of leadership, technology, interpersonal, process, and common sense to size up an organization and course-correct in a high-energy and no-nonsense manner that resonates with all levels and delivers measurable results. She personifies the impact player. I have told her numerous times that every company needs what she brings but must have the courage to look in the mirror.

Tim Bussey / Chief Financial Officer / ZAG Technical Services