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Your employees create your customer's experience. To ensure your customer's have the ultimate experience, your employee's must have the ultimate experience first. When you work with me, I help you do just that!


Speaker . Author .  Coach . Consultant . Educator .

What I Do

I Operationalize L.O.V.E.

Listening Open-mindedly with Vulnerability and Empathy

It's ALL About Employee Engagement and Retention. Your employees are your highest valued asset. They are happiest when they feel valued, have the right tools and technology, the autonomy to be innovative, and the power to make decisions. Are you employees experiencing "happy"?

I can tell you:

  • If they don't feel seen or heard, know they belong, are on dysfunctional teams, or are being gaslit by their leader, they aren't happy.

  • if they don't know their role and responsibilities, have documented processes they can consistently follow, or if they are firefighting all day, they aren't happy.

  • if they don't have functional tools or modern, up-to-date technology, they aren't happy.

  • if they are being micromanaged and don't have the power to make decisions on their own, they aren't happy.

I can also tell you that all organizational issues and, as a result, employee dissatisfaction, can be tied back to poor leadership, communication, accountability, broken processes, and lack of trust.

Only about 16 percent of employees are “Fully Engaged,” and this number has not changed much since our study in 2015. This means 84 percent of workers are just “Coming to Work” instead of contributing all they could to their organizations.

ADP’s ​2018 Global Study of Engagement

That's why I designed programs that operationalize L.O.V.E. Whether I'm speaking, consulting, coaching, or leading a workshop or book club, participants learn how to:

  • value Listening and learning

  • foster Open-mindedness

  • embrace Vulnerability, and

  • practice Empathy

Operationalizing L.O.V.E. gets to the root causes of your organizational issues and resolves the challenges that stand in the way of your employee's happiness. This allows them to move from "coming to work" mode to being fully engaged with their workteam members, and the culture of the organization.







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Book Club

(for DEI Learners)

New in 2023

Kaizen Your

What do DEIB (Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Belonging), team building, and process improvement have in common? More than you'd think. The problem is they are usually addressed in siloes. Want to deploy a DEIB initiative, give people the "option" to participate, alone, with an "option" to discuss their thoughts and feelings, separately. Your team has a problem, so you pull the team together to resolve it. This might temporarily resolve the team issue but it doesn't address the issues and challenges they face with teams in other business units or their key stakeholders. Having trouble with your processes? Pull your leaders together to resolve it with no input from the people in the process who may know it a LOT better.


Kaizen your Culture was designed to address the DEIB, team building, and process improvement efforts together so that you get a real-time look at the current state of your organization, can understand the root cause of the issues, and resolve them so they leave a positive impact on the culture of your organization. Want to learn more?

"When you become the change you want to see in the world, people are happy to change with you. So, if you want to change the world, you have to be willing to change yourself first."

Glodean Champion

How I Help

I work with my clients to identify, custom-build, and execute long-term strategies that measurably improve customer satisfaction, employee retention and engagement, and make workplace inclusion and belonging a reality for team members from every walk of life.

I bring a vast and meaningful array of expertise, lived experiences, and unique perspectives to the work that I do. I believe that there are no ‘one size fits all’ approaches to any business initiative or objective — every organization is unique with its own needs and long-term goals.

Who I Serve





What People Say

Glodean is a truly exceptional professional who has developed a unique skill set that would benefit nearly every modern organization. She applies her vast toolbox of leadership, technology, interpersonal, process, and common sense to size up an organization and course-correct in a high-energy and no-nonsense manner that resonates with all levels and delivers measurable results. She personifies the impact player. I have told her numerous times that every company needs what she brings but must have the courage to look in the mirror.


Tim Bussey, Chief Financial Officer

Who I've Worked With

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There's rarely a dull moment in my life. Whether it's the work I do, the people I meet, the books I write, the art I create, or the places I travel, there's always a lesson to be learned or inspiration to share. If you want the news hot off the presses, subscribe now! I promise not to inundate your inbox.

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